Inspiration is Everywhere: 5 Diverse Sources to Tap Into


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One key reason I find myself drawn to social media is its power to inspire through the diverse perspectives of people.

People tweeting or blogging about stuff they do or like, youtube videos and podcasts on different topics, all of these embed little hints, which may trigger some form of positive response in your brain, causing it to reshape your perspective or spur you into action.

My aim with this post is to unveil my top five sources of inspiration. Perhaps they'll spark a little inspiration for you too, or who knows, they could even potentially change the course of your life. :)

Inspiration #1 - Lex Fridman Podcast

The diversity of guests on this podcast and also the depth to which some of the topics are discussed are what make this podcast truly inspiring. Each podcast provides profound insights which always teach me something new - both professionally (when the podcasts are technically oriented, such as discussing programming languages or AI) and personally (when guests are experts in relationships, parenting, etc.).

Find Lex's podcast on YouTube here:

Inspiration #2 - Scott Hanselman's Tweets

Among the many tech influencers these days, Scott Hanselman stands out as particularly engaging. He's an expert in a wide range of technical subjects, from software development and system architecture to productivity hacks and career advice.

What I appreciate the most about following him though is his ability to keep up to date with developments in both the technical and non-technical realms, and his eagerness to share these insights with his followers.

Follow Scott at

Inspiration #3 - Travis Eliot's Life Wisdom

Travis isn't just an excellent yoga instructor (you can get a taste of his yoga classes on his YouTube channel or his online yoga studio, Inner Dimension), but he also generates content around healthy living, mindfulness, and life wisdom. His podcast series, The Be Ultimate Podcast, features over 80 episodes packed with knowledge and tips for healthier living. I wholeheartedly recommend his content to anyone in the tech industry, as yoga, meditation and mindfulness are the perfect antidotes to the materialistically-focused world of tech.

Inspiration #4 - John Green's Books

John is an excellent writer and his books are always unconventional and entertaining. But they offer more than just leisure; through John's deep understanding of the teenage experience, I also gain invaluable insights into the world that my children navigate every day.

You can discover John Green's collection of books on platforms like Goodreads.

Inspiration #5 - Hashnode Blogs

Last, but certainly not least, my recently discovered passion - blogging.

Producing content and sharing thoughts through blogging in general is something I truly enjoy, though it can sometimes be a challenging task. Hence, I need both inspiration and a seamless and hassle-free blogging process.

That's exactly where Hashnode shines. It enables me to produce content without getting bogged down by worries about hosting, backups or struggling with the syntax of markup languages.

What's more, Hashnode has an incredible community of professionals who produce content regularly. This community provides a large initial audience for my writing. But perhaps even more important, I can always find new inspiration and motivation by reading what other Hashnode bloggers write about.

If you haven't already, go ahead and give Hashnode a try at

The Journey Continues...

Did you find inspiration in any of these resources? Great! Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

If however none of these resonated with you, I would recommend that you at least take a look through some of my previous posts on the My Dev Tricks website.