My Dev Tricks

My Dev Tricks


Hi, my name is Jan Doubek. I'm a passionate Software Engineer and a newbie Technical Blogger.

Primarily, I work with Microsoft technologies: Visual Studio, C#, .NET, WinForms, SQL Server, ASP.NET Core and TypeScript, to name a few.

Besides that, mostly for fun, I explore other technology stacks available out there, such as Python/Django, JavaScript and Node.js, React with TypeScript, etc. I'm also a dedicated fan of Visual Studio Code.

In my software engineering past, I had a lot of fun participating on a variety of different types of projects, such as programming POS and OPT terminals, creating a full-featured Data Warehouse, or working on a 3-D enabled solution for the Oil&Gas industry.

Not a long time ago I entered the AI and Machine Learning world, thanks to Coursera and their awesome Machine Learning and TensorFlow courses. I definitely plan on spending more time getting deeper understanding of how to apply theoretical ML knowledge to real-world challenges.

Aside from work, I enjoy spending time with my family and kids. I love playing the piano, practice Power Yoga online with the one and only Travis Eliot, and to keep myself healthy and in shape, I enjoy working out with Bodylastics bands and their awesome online workouts at

Thank you for visiting my blog. If you have any questions, you can reach me at or on twitter at @jdoubek.

Fun fact: I'm (currently) a level 41 Pokémon GO player (thanks to my kids, evidently). Get in touch if you'd like to become friends and exchange some gifts!